Permanent Parklet Program

The Economic Development department is working to develop a permanent parklet program that will allow businesses to transition their temporary parklets into permanent, utilize a pre-approved design model, or design their own new parklet under the parklet program design guidelines and requirements.

Please find the most recent updates below:

May 4, 2022 Business Outreach Meeting

Economic Development provided an update on the progress to develop the draft parklet design guidelines and pre-approved design models. A presentation was shared at a public outreach meeting on May 4th and the community is invited to provide their feedback and comments through a follow up survey.

Below is a video of the presentation (re-recorded due to an error in recording live) and a second video of the comment portion of the meeting. We have also prepared a frequently asked question section to highlight the feedback we received in the meeting and clarify some of the information provided. Please review the videos and presentation materials and complete the feedback survey. The survey is open to business owners and the general community.

Click here to view the presentation as a PDF document.

Click here to take the survey.

A complete document with the draft design guidelines will be available for additional comments following this initial survey and incorporation of the feedback received.

We will provide a second survey soon with more detailed questions on the pre-approved designs when the updated renderings and drawings are available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to start from scratch to get a permanent parklet approved?

No, the City is providing three options for businesses to pursue for the permanent program:

1. Modify your existing temporary parklet to meet the permanent requirements. (Requirements still under development)

2. Use the City's pre-approved parklet design models (still under development)

3. Develop a custom design meeting the permanent requirements.

Will the City be providing financial support to the businesses to make the transition to a permanent parklet?

Yes, the City is requesting funding through the City's budget process to provide forgivable loans to businesses to help finance the cost of permanent parklets. The final forgivable loan amount and structure depends on the budget approved by the City Council and the number of businesses pursuing the parklet program.

Why is the City pursuing a pre-approved design from a pre-fabrication company?

We are focused on three major criteria in developing the pre-approved designs: cost to purchase and install the parklets, availability of supplies and services, and use of easy to maintain and durable materials.

The company we are considering using for the pre-approved options is called Modstreet and their parklets can be installed in just a few hours with their deck and barrier system. We would utilize local concrete contractors to pour the platform base. There can also be economies of scale to further reduce costs with multiple businesses pursuing the pre-approved designs to enable bulk orders and reduced shipping fees.

The pre-approved design is not finalized yet and we will continue to research options to reduce the cost of the materials and installation.

Want to learn more:

For additional questions about the program please contact Rebecca Unitt, Economic Development Manager.