Economic Pillar:

Arts & Culture Development

Our Focus

Public Art Programs

The Santa Cruz CityArts programs support public art projects that enhance the quality of life in Santa Cruz.

Arts & Culture Support

In collaboration with other City departments, we co-sponsor a variety of arts & cultural events and organizations.

Support Working Artists

Through partnerships with local arts organizations we help artists turn their passions into businesses.

Arts & Culture Development Team

Our Vision for Arts & Culture Development

We support arts and cultural events for two reasons. Firstly, Santa Cruz has a robust arts sector and a vibrant cultural scene and we love being part of it. These communities are part of what makes Santa Cruz a unique place to live, work, and visit. We’re proud to support artists, arts organizations, and cultural events across our city.

Secondly, from an economic development perspective, it just makes sense. The total economic activity from the nonprofit arts & culture industry generated $38.38m and produced $22.36m in household income for Santa Cruz residents in 2013 alone. We envision more economic and quality of life impact from this sector in the future.

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About Choose Santa Cruz

Choose Santa Cruz is the flagship program of Santa Cruz Economic Development (SCED). A department of the City of Santa Cruz, we promote economic vitality and growth citywide in four interconnected areas.

We are your go-to resource for business growth and creation within the City of Santa Cruz

We guide complex multi-year City projects that drive and underpin our economy

We shepherd multi-family mixed income housing projects from idea to move-in

We support the arts & cultural events that make Santa Cruz a great place to live, work, & visit