Economic Pillar:

Infrastructure and Property Development & Management

Our Focus

Infrastructure Development

We lead big, complex projects, like the Wharf renovation and the redevelopment of the METRO Pacific Station.

Property Development

We collaborate with organizations to develop ambitious community projects such as the Kaiser Permanente Arena.

Property Management

We transition from developer to landlord to manage City-owned properties including the Tannery Arts Center, among others.

Our Vision for Infrastructure & Property Development

We’re the City department that stays the course and supports the City Council’s vision for long-term infrastructure projects. While not often top-of-mind, these projects provide enduring value to Santa Cruz and everyone who lives in and visits our city.

We manage City-owned places that enhance the quality of life such as within the Tannery Arts Center, and the Del Mar Theatre, along with the downtown kiosks and cafe extension areas, and public spaces and tenants on the Wharf and at DeLaveaga Park.

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Infrastructure Tannery Art Center Santa Cruz
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About Choose Santa Cruz

Choose Santa Cruz is the flagship program of Santa Cruz Economic Development (SCED). A department of the City of Santa Cruz, we promote economic vitality and growth citywide in four interconnected areas.

We are your go-to resource for business growth and creation within the City of Santa Cruz

We guide complex multi-year City projects that drive and underpin our economy

We shepherd multi-family mixed income housing projects from idea to move-in

We support the arts & cultural events that make Santa Cruz a great place to live, work, & visit