Economic Pillar:

Housing Development & Preservation

Our Focus

Housing Creation

The City actively works with developers and contractors to support the development of affordable housing projects.

Housing Preservation

We connect people with housing resources and work with property owners to maintain existing housing.

Workforce Housing

We regularly convene a group of the city’s largest employers to promote and create more workforce housing.

Our Vision for Housing in Santa Cruz

We work diligently to address the housing needs of a variety of people who live in the City of Santa Cruz. Affordable and high-density housing has a measurable impact in reducing traffic, improving employee reliability and retention, increasing diversity, and improving the economic outlook of residents.

Working families, seniors, veterans, people facing homelessness, students, and everyone in between have unique housing needs. We take a multifaceted approach to projects and programs and engage in a broad range of efforts while looking and planning for the future needs of housing in Santa Cruz.

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About Choose Santa Cruz

Choose Santa Cruz is the flagship program of Santa Cruz Economic Development (SCED). A department of the City of Santa Cruz, we promote economic vitality and growth citywide in four interconnected areas.

We are your go-to resource for business growth and creation within the City of Santa Cruz

We guide complex multi-year City projects that drive and underpin our economy

We shepherd multi-family mixed income housing projects from idea to move-in

We support the arts & cultural events that make Santa Cruz a great place to live, work, & visit