Veg on the Edge in the Square

Veg on the Edge is bringing healthy, approachable, vegan, & vegetarian food with an African twist to Santa Cruz through a model of compassion and community. Three and half years in the making and their doors are finally open.

As proudly displayed on their website, they are the “home of the delicious potato balls”. Paired with a zingy dip, these yummy little potato balls have a silky smooth potato inside and a crunchy crispy outside. Their menu also includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options: Rice plates, quinoa plates, burgers, pasta, salads, and their Yo’Bar juice and smoothie options. Try the Quinoa Tempeh Delight with the spicy tempeh. The vegetables are perfectly cooked, and the tempeh brings a subtle spiciness that brings the dish to another level.    

We wanted items that could be easily accessible to anybody. You can say, ‘oh wow! I can eat that, I know what that is’. You look at the ingredients, and it is everything you recognize. — Akindele Bankole, owner

And not only is everything delicious, but it is also wholesome, healthy, and much of it organic and locally sourced. You really do feel good about the food you are eating. A core-value for Veg on the Edge is compassion: compassion for animals, compassion for the environment, and compassion for other people. And, certainly being a vegetarian restaurant in the community-focused Abbott Square hits the nail on the head. Community has been a big part of the Veg on the Edge journey, from the community support they received even before they had food to serve, to now being a part of the newest community hub: Abbott Square. 

We are excited about being in the [Abbott Square] market and bringing people together. For me, I think it is about the potential impact that we can have being a part of a movement of coming together with people, and the fact that we get to be a part of something bigger than just us. — Akindele

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Abbott Square and the Abbott Square Market is located in the outdoor plaza adjacent to the Museum of Art & History (MAH) in downtown Santa Cruz. Easily accessible from Cooper Street, as well as through the breezeway at Pacific Avenue and Church Street, the music, bright colors, and smell of good food draws you in. This space has been many years in the making, but has always been envisioned to be a place for family, friends, fun, culture, art, and good food. On any given day you may see yoga in the secret garden, kids crafting during crafternoons, or friends meeting for happy hour or a meal at one of the mini-restaurants or bars. Joining Veg on the Edge in the Market is Poke It, Milk & Wood, Front & Cooper, All Aboard, Pizzeria la Bufala, and a Cat & Cloud and Companion Bakery collaboration: Cat.Cloud.Companion. And, with all of the market vendors sharing space and a communal eating area, there is a real sense of togetherness. All of these businesses are coming together, in the name of community, to be a part of something bigger. "I like the idea of actually being in a market where we're together with other folks. Being able to be in a space now where different people can then share their ideas together, and where under normal circumstance they may not necessarily do that, there's something unique about Abbott Square. And I think for our future, I'd like to see us do more of that where we collaborate with other vendors and do different local things that way." -Akindele 

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Learn more about Abbott Square and view a calendar of their upcoming activities and event at

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