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I’ll admit, I have tried to sell on eBay, but “tried” has never turned into actually “doing”. That is likely because I don’t really understand how to sell on eBay. There are keywords and photos and how should I price that antique gumball dispenser that has been in my parent's garage for more than a decade? So, when it comes down to it, dropping things off at Goodwill has just been easier than the perceived hassle of selling on eBay. Well, lookout world, because “tried” is now “doing”. I downloaded the SnapPost app and a couple of clicks and snaps later and I am officially a seller on eBay. The SnapPost app does all the work for you, it tells you what pictures to take and how to take them, and the whole process took no more than 3 minutes on my end. 

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SnapPost soft launched the beginning of 2016, and the feedback already has been great. One customer review on itunes even says “It’s fun to sell on eBay again”. And this is really fitting, because the inspiration for SnapPost came from a place of fun and from a passion for buying and selling second-hand things. Founder Suzanne Wouk not only has the passion for selling but the rich experience too. From reselling designer garments in Israel in the 1970s, to renting a booth in an antique mall in Los Angeles, to 20 years ago, selling on AuctionWeb (which would later become eBay), Suzanne not only loves what she does but also knows her stuff. And really, many of the best ideas come from people seeking to solve a problem they themselves experience. And for Suzanne the problem was that it can be a pain to sell on eBay, and the solution is SnapPost.

SnapPost is a mobile application that simplifies the posting on eBay. Just snap a few pictures of the item you want to sell and you are done! From the photo, we identify, research, value and write an optimized title and description, as well as, offer shipping solutions for each item. It’s like having an eBay virtual assistant.

And what could be more easy than that? In a world of automation, where you can order a coffee or rent a car from an app on your phone, SnapPost is bringing selling on eBay into the modern world. But getting from great idea to reality is easier said than done. Not being a coder or engineer herself, Suzanne enrolled in a Silicon Valley incubator, The Founder Institute, to get her idea off the ground. At the end of what was an extremely tough program, 10 out of 42 companies graduated and SnapPost was one of them. From there SnapPost was launched into the Santa Cruz Tech world, and Suzanne deemed a bonafide techie - even presenting at the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup last November.   

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Photo Credit: Conner Quinto

Happily a Santa Cruz company with her team of four, Suzanne thinks there are more companies to come who will want to tap into the creative spirit of the Santa Cruz tech community.

Try SnapPost yourself by downloading the app from the iTunes store.

Photo Credit for the SnapPost Team shot above: Conner Quinto.

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