Journal: Launches

July 2, 2015

The launch of this website is an exciting moment for the Economic Development Office because it provides us with a new platform to better serve and promote the business community.

Even before the first wireframe was created or the domain name was selected, we made a conscious decision to focus on the authentic character of Santa Cruz as a place where people choose to do business, to call the city their home, to pursue passions, and to connect with those who share their passions. With this frame of mind, we also made the decision to choose a local creative agency, Design by Cosmic, out of over twenty proposals from companies across the country, to help us build the site you see today.

The website showcases the robust mix of industries that thrive in our community, while also capturing the influence of the unbeatable culture in the daily lives of Santa Cruzans. Businesses looking to potentially locate in Santa Cruz will find a comprehensive overview of the industry clusters that exist here as well as the culture that provides endless opportunities to enjoy the arts, connect with community, and explore the great outdoors. Furthermore, the culture page can be used by local businesses in their efforts to attract talent to the area.

As a resource for businesses, the website offers tools and services for both new and existing businesses, including OpenCounter, the online business planning and permitting resource. Two new online tools have also been added to the site, ZoomProspector, an interactive property database to assist businesses looking for a new location and SizeUp, a business intelligence tool to provide insight into the local economy, consumer spending, and other demographic and economic data.

“This website gives us the ability to tell the Santa Cruz story and provide outreach to businesses that are potentially looking to locate here as well as businesses that are already here. This is a tool to improve our ability to engage with the community, share our resources, and promote the success stories of local entrepreneurs.” — Bonnie Lipscomb, Santa Cruz Economic Development Office Director

One of the most dynamic pieces of the website is the journal section which allows us to continue to produce specific content showcasing all things business in Santa Cruz, including releasing in-depth videos and long-form articles highlighting key businesses in the community. The first of the "In-Depth" series focuses on Lloyd Tabb of Looker.

As the Economic Development Office we serve as advocates for businesses in the community. The new website is an opportunity to improve our outreach to businesses through online resources and interactive tools and creates an ongoing conversation that tells the story of the people behind the businesses that make our community so vibrant and engaging. You are our business.

We invite you to explore the site and experience the inspiring businesses, diverse community, and incredible natural environment that reaffirms our decision to choose Santa Cruz each and every day.

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