Choose a Name


Choose a Name

Choosing a name for your business is an important decision. It has to fit and feel right with your brand and business identity. Your name also needs to be registered properly to protect you for the long term.

Here are some things to consider as you choose a name:

  • How will your name look? – On the web, as part of a logo, on social media.
  • What connotations does it evoke? – Is your name too corporate or not corporate enough? Does it reflect your business philosophy and culture? Does it appeal to your market?
  • Is it unique? – Pick a name that hasn’t been claimed by others, online or offline. A quick web search and domain name search (more on this below) will alert you to any existing use.
  • How internet friendly is it? - Is the domain available? Are social media accounts available? Does it make a good hashtag?

You can check if the name you want is available and reserve an available name by mail with the CA Secretary of State. Learn more about this process at