The Fire Department reviews all Current Project Designs and Plan Reviews submitted through the Planning and Building Department. Any project that requires the installation of fire and life safety systems such as fire sprinklers, fire underground service, standpipe systems, fire alarm systems, hood suppression systems (cooking), etc… will require a separate permit application directly to the Fire Department for review. The Fire Department will issue a permit and conduct field inspections on all fire and life safety installations throughout the project.

It is the Fire Department’s desire to provide the most updated information on fire code requirements to the developer and business communities. Early review of project design allows for good communication so that the project will meet code requirements with no surprises. The Fire Department encourages office consultations for any projects where fire safety requirements may be necessary.

Additionally, every 1-3 years, existing structures occupied by businesses are inspected by the Fire Department to safeguard against and prevent potential hazards to life and property. The frequency of inspection will be dependent on the type of occupancy and a fee will be charged to the business as needed for each inspection