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To officially open you’re are going to need electricity, running water, and mostly likely internet service too.
Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities (SCMU) provides customer service for water, sewer, refuse and recycling services to City of Santa Cruz residents and businesses. Customers are required to submit an application to open a service account, and a non-refundable application fee of $20.00 will be charged to the first bill. You can request water, refuse, and sewer service here. For questions about these services, contact Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities by calling (831) 420-5220.


Water connection service is provided Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM at no charge. To view the water rates based on meter size, click here.

Garbage and Recycling Service

The City provides commercial, industrial and institutional refuse pickup one to six days a week, as needed. Containers options include:

  • Carts — 20, 32, 64 and 95 gallon
  • Containers — 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 yard
  • Roll-off boxes — 10, 15, 20 and 30 yard
  • Temporary service — 5 and 10 day temporary service is available for containers and roll-off boxes.

To view refuse rates, click here.

The City also provides recycling containers and collection to refuse customers at no additional cost. View a handy list of items you can place in your recycling containers.


All commercial users are charged a flat monthly fee plus a quantity charge per 100 cubic feet (CCF) of water used. The CCF charge is calculated to reflect the amount of water used that does not go to the sewer system — for example, water used for irrigation. For businesses, we assume that 20% of the water used does not drain to the sewer system. 

The sewer rates have the following business classifications:

  • High Strength
  • Medium Strength
  • Low Strength
  • Hotel/Motel

View sewer rates.


To start electricity service, sign up through PG & E.


There are a variety of Internet Service Providers in the City of Santa Cruz, but only one is owned by the community and will provide unbeatable gigabit speed.  

Because fast internet is a necessity like water, garbage, sewer, and electricity, the City of Santa Cruz is building Santa Cruz Fiber, the first ubiquitous, accessible gigabit network in Silicon Valley. 

What does that mean? Your business can get download speeds of 1,000 megabits-per-second so you can compete in the world marketplace and provide unbeatable broadband for your customers, clients, and employees. It will be affordable, fast, and reliable. And the community will own the network as we reap the rewards of unbeatable internet speed. Santa Cruz Fiber service is expected to begin in 2017 in select areas. Find out more about Santa Cruz Fiber service.