Abbott Square

Project Lead

Project Overview: Abbott Square, the outdoor plaza adjacent to the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) is the focus of plans to create an inviting and interactive space where families and friends can enjoy art installations, an outdoor lounge atmosphere, and a community gathering place.

In October 2011, the Santa Cruz City Council unanimously supported a partnership with the MAH to rebuild Abbott Square, with the goal of creating a family-friendly town square that links the creative energy of the MAH to the greater Downtown.

This plaza has the potential to become the creative heart of Downtown and a front porch for the Museum’s dynamic exhibitions and programs. The ambitious plans to transform Abbott Square include:

  • Large-scale, permanent interactive sculptures that invite visitors young and old to engage with art in a playful, inspiring way
  • A rotating slate of cultural projects produced with local artists to showcase the creativity in the region and extend the visibility of the Museum into the community
  • Flexible furniture and technology to support casual daily use and ongoing educational programming, including workshops, events, and festivals
  • Delicious food that celebrates the culinary diversity of our region

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