It's All About the Beans in Coffeeville Santa Cruz

If you have driven on Ocean Street lately, on the stretch of road between Water and Soquel, a little yellow building may have caught your eye and you may have wondered to yourself...What the heck is Coffeeville?” Well, Coffeeville is a new full service coffee shop bringing you a handcrafted beverage from bean to cup. 

For owners Mike Goble and Kendra McQueen, freshness is key and shelf life is to be highly regarded with the fresh roasted beans being served up at Coffeeville. Coffee enthusiasts, Mike Goble and Kendra McQueen are all about respecting and complementing the flavor of the beans.

We love the drinks we serve and getting to be in the store talking to customers about our menu, but the real emphasis for us is on the beans — Kendra McQueen

Everything they do builds from the foundation of the beans. Whether you are having it hot or cold, with homemade salted caramel or chocolate sauce, Coffeeville really works with the coffee beans and wants to bring the art of great coffee to their customers.

At their former location in Boulder Creek, people started calling them “Blue Collar Coffee", because by keeping their overhead low they are making it possible for the average working person to drink really good fresh roasted coffee.

First proof of concept for them came in the form of Kendra’s “Peet’s Coffee generation”, dark “French” roast blend drinking, highly skeptical parents. Who in all fairness, grew up drinking coffee where the flavor profile is more about tasting the roast and not really the flavors of the beans. But Kendra and Mike kept sending them some of their fresh roasted beans to drink, and pretty quickly they were hooked. And Kendra and Mike are hooking people left and right, and bringing them over to the “light side” (although they do have some deliciously dark options).


At Coffeeville, they really want to honor the bean, and be thoughtful about how best to roast them to bring out the natural flavors from the single origin beans they source. Their approach is to source high grade beans from local farms and co-ops around the world, and keep their buying ability nimble so that they can buy great beans whenever they become available. Coffeeville’s small batch approach allows them to source from really small farms and try out lots of different beans from all over the world.

Their business origin story started back in 2014 with a very pregnant Kendra and a newly purchased coffee roaster. After a number of fits and starts, including being chosen to sell on Amazon but then unable to obtain a cottage food license to roast from home, to building a successful business from a teeny tiny coffee cart in the hills of Boulder Creek, to now opening up shop in their own location at 533 Ocean Street, this amazing husband wife team have been making it happen for themselves. They readily admit that many aspects of starting their business was “unchartered territory” from Department of Health regulations to City permits and requirements. But with Mike’s amazing memory for Health code, and Kendra’s ability to navigate the City’s permitting system, they have finally gotten to the next stage of the process: being open for business!

Coffeeville C2

And for Kendra, having their own space has been amazing. She describes going from the shared space at their coffee cart location in Boulder Creek, where they had a single refrigerator shelf for supplies, to having an entire location of their own

I took a picture of our fridge the other day and it is all stocked and filled up with milk and it is so exciting because it is all ours! — Kendra Goble

And all theirs it is. They have done a beautiful job of transforming their space into a bright welcoming spot, all painted in yellow. Whether you are a local avid coffee drinker or a visitor passing through, Coffeeville is a destination to hit.

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