Ding Ding Ding Goes the Trolley

The Santa Cruz Trolley has been apart of the Santa Cruz Summer Experience for five seasons now. Starting off with one trolley and a two stop route, the service has doubled with two trolleys, four stops, and over 46,000 riders hopping on the trolley last year.

What started out as a great way to connect the beach and downtown areas, has developed in to a fixture of summer in Santa Cruz. From riders to sponsors, the trolley has been embraced and supported by the community.

"[The Trolley] isn’t just a people mover, it's a community builder" — Susan Pappas, True Olive Connection (Four year Trolley sponsor)

The two wooden trolleys aren’t just a convenient way to get between the downtown and beach areas, but are an experience unto themselves. And, riders love the trolleys. In a civinomics survey conducted last year we learned that:

  • 100% of surveyed riders said they would recommend the trolley to a friend
  • 95% rated their experience as being good to excellent.
  • 97% said they would ride the trolley again

100% of surveyed riders said they would recommend the trolley to a friend

New this year, the trolley will include an audio component featuring music by local artists Nick Gallant, The Spurs, Sugar by the Pound, Scary Little Friends, The Coffis Brothers, and Marty O'Reilly. Additionally, in response to the overwhelming feedback from riders, the trolley will now be making stops at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The trolley service is very much dependent on the generous support of community sponsors. The City of Santa Cruz, The Downtown Association, The Downtown Management Corporation, Barry Swenson Builders, and over 70 local businesses make the trolley a possibility each year. Take a look at the full list of sponsors at

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